'Unpoppable' Bubble wrap is on its way!

According to the Wall Street Journal and other news bulletins, the original producer of Bubble Wrap - Sealed Air Corp - have created a new version of the signature product which will now be "unpoppable" - losing a much loved element of fun.
Originally Bubble Wrap manufactured by Sealed Air Corp had pockets of air which would pop and make a noise when pressure is applied onto the sealed area. The new version - dubbed iBubble Wrap - known to us as Air IB Express (click the link to see the product) will be sold in flat sheets - on a roll -  requiring a custom made pump to fill the bubble with air. The decision to change the product was made to save space for online retailers in their storage and deliveries. The original product caused difficulty in shipping due to the large amount of space it took up. The newer version will reportedly tape up about one 50th of the space before it has been inflated - although apparently the traditional Bubble Wrap will still be sold as an option.

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