Are you ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or even Christmas?

Ok - So Black Friday and Cyber Monday (23rd and 26th November) are US sale events, but Australians love to get involved in a sale non the less and so more and more Australian stores are getting involved each year. And let's not forget that it's the sale event that starts the Christmas spending season. So if it's not too late already it's very definitely time to get your goods - and your packaging ready!

What do you need?


We have an extensive range of packaging alternatives from protective and padded mailer envelopesmachines that will assist in getting boxes bundled securely for deliveries such as strapping machines, or even strapping kits so you can do it manually. We also have a category dedicated to Protective Packaging if you need to consider choices available to you.

Alternatively please contact us as we're always happy to discuss what products might suit your needs best.

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