Electronic Water Activated Gum Tape Dispenser BP555

Electronic Dispenser for Gummed or Water Activated Tape

Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser BP555

This Electric Water water-activated tape dispenser advances the gummed tape to the desired length with the push of a button or can be set to automatic. The BP555, when set on automatic, will deliver the operator a new piece of water-activated tape wet and ready to use once the previous piece is removed, offering a quicker, reliable carton sealing solution. This electric tape dispenses 114cm per second of water activated tape, and is designed for high volume shipping environments where quality finished cartons are required. This tape machine has 14 preset colour coded keys from 15cm - 145cm lengths of tape for easy packing operation. 

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 Manual for Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser

 Service Manual for Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Setting Up, Operating and Maintenance  

(2) Better Pack 555eS Set-up Operation and Maintenance - YouTube

Clearing a tape jam 

(2) Clearing Tape Jams in the Better Pack 555 Gummed Tape Dispenser - YouTube

Cleaning the Brushes 

(2) Cleaning the Water Brushes in the Better Pack 555 Tape Dispenser - YouTube


Unique Safety Features

Thermal cutoff: prevents the motor from overheating after extensive use
• Safety interlock switch: disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open
• Material choice: flame-retardant plastic, steel side frames, high grade solenoid
   link and zinc-plated stainless steel parts. 


High volume, fast-paced shipping environment
• Packing and sealing more than 100 cartons per day/per 8hr shift
• When needing to achieve the highest level of productivity with automatic tape advance
• Computer interface required for productivity and control


Features of the 555eFACM    /    Benefits

  • Automatic tape advance  /  Productivity
  • Microprocessor based control / Reliable
  • 14 preset colour-coded keys, with lengths from  / Easy operation
    15cm - 145cm 
  • Programmable keypad allows tape length / Flexible Operation
    to be adjusted in 1.27 cm increments  
  • Tape output of 114.3 centimetres per second / Efficiency
  • 300m roll tape capacity  / Fewer tape change-overs
  • Random Key / Custom length tape


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Electronic Water Activated Gum Tape Dispenser BP555
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At the push of a button the Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser will automatically dispense the desired length of water activated tape which provides a pilfer proof seal on cartons and boxes. And it's environmentally friendly.


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