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Manual Tensioner and Sealer for Metal or Steel Strapping

Metal Strapping Tools | Steel Strapping Tools 

Steel Strapping Tensioners use a feed wheel to tensioner to tighten the steel or metal strapping. A sealer or crimper with its long and sturdy arms and tough crimping teeth is placed onto the seal and then pulled together to emboss or crimp into the metal seal which joins the steel strapping. A steel cutting tool is used to cut the strap.

Tensioners, crimpers/sealers and cutters for 12mm, 15mm and 19mm steel strapping are available to suit you strap width.

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12mm Crimper/Sealer for Steel Strapping
15mm Crimper/Sealer for Steel Strapping
19mm Crimper/Sealer for Steel Strapping
Tensioner for Steel Strapping 12-19mm
Tensioner for High Strength Steel 19mm-32mm