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EnviroProtecta bags and Enviroprotecta-Lite bags are manufactured with a 3 layer bubble wrap film. EnviroProtecta and Enviroprotecta-Lite Bags are the environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional padded mailer bags with the added benefit of being made of up to 40% recycled content. These padded mailer bags offer super strong tamper evident seals that maximise the security of your goods in transit as well as offering strength and durability.
The difference between the EnviroProtecta Bags and EnviroProtecta-Lite bags is the Lite range has less PE content making it more environmentally friendly and is end opening, available in a matt finish which enhances the writeability and labelling of these bags where the EnviroProtecta Bags are available in end opening and comes with a shiny surface. We also have the EnviroProtecta Book bags are all side (long end) opening.

5-SPBEV - are all EnviroProtecta Book bags and CD Bag with side openings (long side)
5-SPEV - are all EnviroProtecta Bags with openings at the end (short side)
5-SPEVLITE - are all Matt finished with less PE content than the SPEV range with openings at the end (short side)

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Code Product Price Qty.  
Enviro CD Bag - 200mm x 175mm + 50mm Flap - 300/ctn
EnviroBook Bag - 250mm x 185mm + 50mm Flap - 250/ctn
EnviroBook Bag - 280mm x 230mm + 50mm Flap - 175/ctn
EnviroBook Bag - 300mm x 280mm + 50mm Flap - 125/ctn
EnviroBook Bag - 345mm x 300mm + 50mm Flap - 100/ctn
EnviroBook Bag - 390mm x 345mm + 50mm Flap - 100/ctn
Enviro Protecta Bag 151mm x 220mm + 50mm Flap - 350/ctn
Enviro Protecta Bag 210mm x 270mm + 50mm Flap - 200/ctn
Enviro Protecta Bag 241mm x 345mm + 50mm Flap - 150/ctn
Enviro Protecta Bag 265mm x 375mm + 50mm Flap - 100/ctn
Enviro Protecta Bag 304mm x 400mm + 50mm Flap - 100/ctn
Enviro Protecta Bag 360mm x 470mm + 50mm Flap - 75/ctn
Lite Enviroprotecta Bag Matt Finish 151mm x 220mm + 50 Flap - 350/ctn
Lite Enviroprotecta Bag Matt Finish 210mm x 270mm + 50 Flap - 200/ctn
Lite Enviroprotecta Bag Matt Finish 241mm x 345mm + 50 Flap - 150/ctn
Lite Enviroprotecta Bag Matt Finish 265mm x 375mm + 50 Flap - 100/ctn
Lite Enviroprotecta Bag Matt Finish 304mm x 400mm + 50 Flap - 100/ctn
Lite Enviroprotecta Bag Matt Finish 360mm x 470mm + 50 Flap - 75/ctn