Carton Sealers | Box Taping Machines | Case Sealing Machine

If you're looking to make your packaging and dispatch more efficient then investing into a carton sealer / box taping machine is worth looking into. Get Packed offer an extensive range of Carton Sealers for the sealing of cartons with tape or hot melt glue. Our range includes box taping machines or carton sealing machines that are side belt driven which allows for cartons with extreme dimensions such as short and narrow or very tall boxes, as well as top and bottom driven belts which adjust easily for both height an width.One of our carton sealers are bound to meet your requirements.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the carton sealers below.

If you're looking for specifically for Taping Machines for large format print work or for attachment work then please follow the link. We supply a range of electric and manual taping machines from water activated tape dispensers through to Automatic Taping machines with multiple tape heads.