Cartons and Corrugated Cardboard Products

Get Packed supplies a range of cardboard cartons as well as other cardboard, corrugated cardboard and paper products.
Please see below for our range of cardboard products:

  • Grip Sheets - used to keep pallets stable and to avoid slippage
  • Angle boards / pallet corners or also known as edge protectors - as they are used to protect the edge of pallets from collapsing under the strain of either tightly wrapped pallet wrap, or strapping or other pallet protection products
  • Corrugated cardboard - used extensively in protective packaging to protect items whilst in storage or transport
  • Cardboard tubes - used extensively for protecting paper items, such as posters
  • Korvuu Suspension and Retention packaging - used as a block and brace to protect items for storage and transport
  • Maltese cross cartons - another type of cardboard carton choice
  • HSM cardboard perforator - used to shred cardboard so it can be re-used as void fill or cushioning
  • Tissue Paper reams