CD Centres and Foam Dots

Packaging for CD's and  DVD's is available in for the form of CD dots or CD Centres if you are looking to attach your CD's onto any packaging. See below as we have a range of self adhesive foam dots that are a budget alternative that will hold a CD or Disk in place. The foam dots are available in two thicknesses and in either black or white.
We also supply a range of CD Clips - or SuperCentres that are a solid plastic clip with an easy peel self adhesive back - available in black, white or clear with either a matt or gloss finish. These provide the most professional finish with a choice of push down clips or 'spiders'.
To finish your professional package there are the clear circle labels that can be used to secure closed the CD or DVD.
​Or we have a Shrink A Pa
ck  which can be used to manually shrink wrap your finished product for that final professional finish.