Peelable Hot Melt Adhesive | Techbond Peeltec 210 Removable Glue (Priced per Kg - 5Kg boxes)

Removable or Peel-able Hot Melt Adhesive in 12mm Sticks

Peelable Hot Melt Adhesive | Peeltec 210 Removable Glue 

The Peeltec 210 is the alternative gluing solution to glue dots for applying a removable line or glue dot to promotional material such as credit or membership cards to letters and magazines.  This Techbond Peelable or Fugitive glue can be removed easily once set without any residual tack or residue on most surfaces.

The Peeltec 210 Techbond Adhesive is the first 12mm (½″) glue stick to run through a standard 12mm glue gun that works at 195c or higher. It is often difficult to run these types of glues through a standard glue gun without it swelling or blocking the glue chamber, but the specially formulated PeelTec210 avoids this.

5Kg / box - MOQ is 1box of 5kg - Price is per KG 

Please go to the More Information Tab to view the Safety Data Sheet.

 Peeltec 210 Safety Data Sheet

Hot Melt Glue adhesive provides an instant and permanent bond between a vast range of materials and can be used for a wide range of applications such as; packing and carton sealing; potting and encapsulating; sealing, gap filling and reinforcing; repair or assembly just to name a few. There are two methods of applications – bead (or dot) and spray. Bead is a continuous bead of molten glue with the thickness, spread and pattern controlled by the operator. Spray is where the molten glue is sprayed from the TEC6300 glue gun which can be more advantageous as it is more economical with the amount of glue used and the molten glue is spread over a wider area and is more suitable for heat sensitive material that can be damaged by bead application.
*EVA is Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol

  • First on Left: a 1.5mm wide bead enables approx 560 linear m/kg
  • Second from Left: a 3mm wide bead enables approx 153 linear m/kg
  • Middle: a 6mm wide bead enables approx 67 linear m/kg
  • Second from right: a 10mm wide bead enables approx 46 linear m/kg
  • Far right: a 12.5mm wide bead enables approx 31 linear m/kg
  • In comparison a small dot of glue approx 0.7cm wide gives approx 6600 dots/kg
  • Small dot approx 1.3cm wide give approx 3390 dots/kg
  • Medium dot approx 2cm wide gives approx 1520 dots/kg
  • A large dot approx 3cm wide gives approx 735 dots/kg

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Peelable Hot Melt Adhesive | Techbond Peeltec 210 Removable Glue (Priced per Kg - 5Kg boxes)
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