Plastic Strapping Kit | Poly Strapping Kit | Strapping Starter kit

Includes Roll of Strap,1000 Seals, Tensioner and Crimper

Plastic Strapping Kits | Poly Strapping Kits | Strapping Starter kit

Plastic Strapping Kits contain - 1 roll of Plastic Strapping - 1,000m in length, 1,000 metal seals, 1 x tensioner & 1 x Sealer

Strapping Kits have been put together for those who are requiring a strapping kit for the first time and don't know what they need, or those who are looking to have new strapping setup. The strapping kits are available in widths of 12mm, 15mm, 19mm standard stap and 19mm heavy duty strapping ideal for those users who are strapping heavy pallets. These Strapping Kits have everything you need - Plastic Strapping in which ever width you require, Plastic Seals, Tensioner for plastic strapping as well as a crimper/sealer. 

A Tensioner is a used to tighten or tension the the plastic strap around the cartons or pallet, it uses a simple ratchet mechanism to tighten the plastic strap to the required tension before a metal seal is applied with a poly sealer. The poly tensioner also has a cutter unit that is used to cut the strap once the seal has been crimped with the sealer. 

A Sealer or Crimper is used to crimp or seal metal seals around the plastic strapping to form a  join or seal that holds the strap togther. 

- 12mm Plastic Strapping has a breaking strain of up to 70 Kg's.
- 15mm 
Plastic Strapping has a breaking strain of up to 140 Kg's.
- 19mm Heavy Band Plastic Strapping has a breaking strain of up to 400 Kg's. - used in both 19mm strapping kits.

If you're looking for a strapping dispenser to go with the Heavy Band 19mm plastic Strapping please follow this link - Combo Strap Dispenser for 19mm Heavy Band

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12mm Plastic Strapping Kit
15mm Plastic Strapping Kit
19mm Plastic Strapping Kit
19mm Plastic Strapping Kit - Heavy Duty

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