PVC Shrink Film - Centerfold P.V.C Shrink film

Heat shrink wrap

PVC Shrink Film  - Centerfold P.V.C Shrink film 

PVC Shrink Film is known for it's strong crinkly texture and is often confused with cellophane due to it's crinkly feel and look - except that it is a shrink film (unlike cellophane), and is an alternative to Polyolefin shrink film which has a softer touch and feel. PVC heat shrink film is quick and easy to use, easy to seal and shrinks on both old and new machinery as it shrinks at low temperatures. It is commonly used for gift baskets or hampers as it tends to hold items that are of varied shapes such bottles of wine and champagne that are protruding from the basket in place, and works well with L-bar sealers of a Shrink a Pack unit that utilises a heat gun to shrink the film. PVC shrink film is not recommended for use directly onto food products. PVC heat shrink film comes in centre fold film or is available is shrink sleeves. For more detailed explanation please call or email us.

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Code Product Price Qty.  

Code: 4-200-19

PVC Shrink Film 200mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-250-19

PVC Shrink Film 250mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-300-19

PVC Shrink Film 300mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-300-25

PVC Shrink Film 300mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-350-19

PVC Shrink Film 350mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-350-25

PVC Shrink Film 350mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-400-19

PVC Shrink Film 400mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-400-25

PVC Shrink Film 400mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-450-19

PVC Shrink Film 450mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-450-25

PVC Shrink Film 450mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-500-19

PVC Shrink Film 500mm x 600m x 19um

Code: 4-500-25

PVC Shrink Film 500mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-550-25

PVC Shrink Film 550mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-600-25

PVC Shrink Film 600mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-660-25

PVC Shrink Film 660mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-700-25

PVC Shrink Film 700mm x 450m x 25um

Code: 4-800-25

PVC Shrink Film 800mm x 450m x 25um