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Entry Level Low Volume Manual Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink A Pack - Manual Low Volume Shrink Wrapping System

A shrink A Pack is a desk top budget system suitable for low volume shrink wrapping. Available in sizes 300mm, 450mm, 600mm & 900mm complete with heat gun to shrink the shrink film, film roll dispenser so that the roll of centrefold shrink film rolls smoothly and a straight sealing bar that cuts and seals the heat shrink film. Ideal for the office, department stores, gift & variety stores, chemists, video & CD stores, anywhere that needs to repair open packs or collates items together for point of sale or where promotional material is required. Shrink A Pack Systems are perfect for home based start up business that need that professional finish to there items without the up front expense of a complete shrink wrapping system such as a PP76 or PP1622. Shrink wrapping is the perfect finish to any retail pack, it offers security while at the same time protecting the product that has been shrink wrapped.
Shrink Film is not included.
Please contact us to determine which is the best shrink film for your purpose.

If you require a replacement Heat Gun please follow this link:  4-GUN-SAP

If you are looking for an L-Bar Sealer - which seals two sides simultaneously, then you may wish to consider the L-Bar Sealer Desk Top model (heat gun is supplied separately).


A guide to prolonging the life of Heat sealers elements and Teflon strips etc.

1. Set sealing time to as LOW as needed (the minimum time needed to seal) to reduce the wear and tear of the heat elements and Teflon strips, allowing them to last longer.

Note: The jaws will get increasingly hotter with continuous sealing done quickly. It is necessary to keep decreasing the sealing time to the lowest setting needed during the use.

2. Do not continuously press the handle arm (or the foot pedal) more than once to make a seal. The longer the time between each seals, the longer the sealing wire or element will last.

Recommendation: Leave at least ten seconds between each seal.

3. Keep pressing the handle arm (or the foot pedal) firmly for a moment after the signal light (or the beep sound) goes out to allow the plastic film to cool. (For automatic sealer, set the cooling time longer than sealing time).

Note: This does not apply to Shrink-A-Pack system and sealers with round sealing wire.

4. Do not use the seal wire (standard flat ones) to cut plastic bags. Please call the Get Packed office for a round or cutting wire.

5. To avoid shorting and breaking the heat elements, check or replace lower Teflon strip (s) if they are burned out. The lower Teflon strip (s) is located under the heat element and must be longer than base.

Note: it is recommend to use two strips of Teflon, so when the top one burns out replace it without damaging the Teflon under neath protecting you sealing rubber or pad.

6. Do not exceed the operating limitations of the heat sealers (each type of heat sealers have different maximum seal thickness) as they are designed to only seal certain types of bags or film.

Note: Consult with a qualified sales person at Get Packed on the purchase of suitable heat sealers especially when using foil bags, paper bags, folded bags (more than two layers) etc.

7. Face the plastic side down and paper side up when using sterilisation bags for sealers with element on lower jaw. Change the direction of the sterilisation bags for sealers with element on upper jaw. The kind of bag is not recommended for most impulse heat sealers.

8. Change the upper Teflon Strip when it has burned or worn out. Do not use the machine without changing or using the Teflon Strip (s).

9. Do not use non-standard elements, Teflon strips etc. as they might cause damage to the machine.

Ensure the machine is serviced and adjusted by qualified personals regularly.

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300mm Shrink A Pack System

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450mm Shrink A Pack System

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600mm Shrink A Pack System

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900mm Shrink A Pack System

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