Chemicals for Instapak Systems - A & B Instapak Chemicals

Choose the right chemical for your Instapak packaging

Chemicals for Instapak Systems - A & B Instapak Chemicals 

Instapak® Foam in Place Packaging makes an immediate positive impact on both the environment and our customers’ bottom lines through superior product protection and reduction of packaging material usage. Efficient packaging design means using the right amount of packaging material to create cushioning, blocking and the ultimate product protection while reducing waste, cubic size, carbon footprint and associated fuel costs for transport.

Please speak to our staff to help you choose the right chemical solution protect your product and / or to match your Instapak Packaging System.

Please go to the More Information Tab above to view Safety Data Sheets.                   


   Instapak 40W Component B

 Instapak 50W Component B

 Instapak Component A

  Instapak Dispenser Solution

  Instapak Molding Foam Component B

  Instapak Port Cleaner







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Code Product  

Code: 8-IP-A

Instapak Foam Part "A" (70Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-DR-A

Instapak Foam Part "A" - Drum (250Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-B5

Instapak Foam Part "B" - GFlex (59Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-B2

Instapak Foam Part "B" - I 40 W - (59Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-B4

Instapak Foam Part "B" - I 50 W (59Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-B1

Instapak Foam Part "B" - Instafill - (59Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-DR-B

Instapak Foam Part "B" - Instafill Drum (214Kg)
Price on Application

Code: 8-IP-B3

Instapak Foam Part "B" - Moulding Foam (59Kg)
Price on Application