Hot Melt Glue Gun for Continuous Industrial use - TEC810-12

This glue gun (5-GLUEGTEC810)  is designed for light industrial continuous operation and is our most popular hot melt glue dispenser.  This glue gun is simple yet robust with a highly efficient melt chamber with a powerful 250W stainless steel cartridge heater which heats the 12mm glue sticks to 195 degrees celsuis which ensures high output of 2 kilos of molten adhesive per hour which is equivalent to approximately 66 glue sticks.

These industrial glue guns are versatile and ergonomic weighing only 500 grams and are ideal for contract packers, printers, and assembley lines where hot melt glue is required.

The 5-GLUEGTEC810 uses the following glues supplied in 12mm sticks

Follow this link to purchase the glue.

5-GLUE9010/12 12mm x 300mm Glue Sticks Fast Packing Glue
5-GLUE9015/12 12mm x 200mm Glue Sticks Fast Packing Glue
5-GLUE9020/12 12mm x 300mm Glue Sticks General Purpose
5-GLUE9040/12 12mm x 300mm Glue Sticks General Purpose
5-GLUE9060/12 12mm x 300mm Glue Sticks High Performance

Operating Instructions

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Glue Gun 810-12 - Industrial Continuous Light to Medium use - 5-GLUEGTEC810 Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Applicator

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