Hot Melt Applicator TR 50.5 | Pneumatic Glue Gun

Process Hot Met Adhesive comfortably and Precisely

Hot Melt Applicator TR 50.5 | Pneumatic Glue Gun

This Pneumatic Hot-Melt TR 50.5 Glue Gun lets you apply hot-melt adhesive as dots, beads and lines. The TR50.5 weighs 1.2kg and the working temperature of glue applicator is controlled by a  digital thermostat with a temperature range from 170 - 190C. The 5-GLUEGTR 50.5 can be loaded with granulate, pillows and 43 mm slugs with a tank capacity of 250 ml and is sufficient for numerous gluing’s for industrial purposes. It offers maximum flexibility for choosing the right glue and lets you benefit from cost-advantages of different shapes of hot-melt. The hot melt adhesive is extruded through air pressure, as pneumatic glue guns increase work speed and simplify exact dosing of the glue. Additional Nozzles expand the application patterns available.

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Hot Melt Applicator TR 50.5 | Pneumatic Glue Gun
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