Glue Gun TEC 6300-43 Pneumatic Spray Adhesive Applicator

Pneumatic Spray Hot Melt Glue Gun which uses 43mm slugs

Pneumatic Spray Glue Gun - 5-GLUEGTEC6300

This TEC 6300 - 43 pneumatic spray applicator to apply the hot melt adhesive economical to a large area and weighs only 1.4kg. The 5-GLUEGTEC6300 glue gun is totally self contained requiring only compressed air and electricity to operate. The advantaged of using the TEC6300 glue gun is that spraying the hot melt glue,  is that it cools quickly and is great for heat senstive surfaces. It takes only 10 minutes to heat up from cold and is fast and safe to reload using 43mm adhesive cartridges. The 5-GPTEC6300 glue gun is the highest output, hand held industrial hot melt spray glue gun available. It can dispense approxiatly 4.2kg of glue per hour which is approximatly 68 x 43mm glue slugs The adhesive is is melted by the poweful 500 watt heated chamber that reachs approxiamtely 180 degree's with the air presure controlling the output. The glue is totally solvent free and non-toxic

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  TEC Glue Gun Industrial User Guide

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Glue Gun TEC 6300-43 Pneumatic Spray Adhesive Applicator
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