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Used to Protect Sealing Rubber of Heat Sealers

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Teflon Tape - for Heat Sealers

Teflon Tape should be used with all Vacuum Packing Machines, Heat Sealers or Shrink Wrapping Machines to give you a good clean seal. Teflon Tape placed on the sealing rubber prevents the sealing wire from burning grooves in the sealing rubber and gives you a smooth flat area for the sealing wire to make contact with. It is also important that no part of the sealing wire come in contact with the any metal of the heat sealer or it may short out, Teflon tape can protect this from happening. Teflon Tape is available in a variety of widths & sizes in adhesive backed material or sheet form with no adhesive.
We also sell Teflon Tape in strips of 1 meter, but you would have to contact us directly to determine which width you wanted.

Metal Detectable Teflon Tape has a foil backing and silcon adhesive to provide a non stick surface and to protect the sealing surface of heat sealers & shrink wrappers and should be used in all food related industries, so that the worn tape can be identified by the metal detector before leaving the factory.
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Just what I wanted

By: on 28 March 2018
Using a Sunbeam Vac660 Foodsaver in a domestic situation on a weekly basis ,finding someone to supply the right Teflon tape to replace the original worn out tape was great. The service and delivery from Getpacked was excellent regards Dennis.

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Teflon Tape 12mm x 10m
Teflon Tape 20mm x 10m
Metal Detectable Teflon Tape 12mm x 30m
Metal Detectable Teflon Tape 20mm x 30m
Metal Detectable Teflon Tape 50mm x 30m

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