Pallet Wrapping and Stabilisation

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Get Packed supplies a large range of pallet stabilisation products that assist in keeping your pallets secured whilst in storage or transport.
Pallet Wrap or Stretch Wrap
We supply hand pallet stretch wrap in both clear and black which is often used to hide the contents of a pallet to provide more security. Our hand stretch wrap comes in either a standard or pre-stetched version. The pre-stretch pallet wrap requires less effort to pull the pallet wrap around the pallet and as a result requires less wrap around the pallet (and less landfill at the end).
Also supplied is Machine Pallet wrap.
To supplement our range of pallet wrap we also supply an Excell Air Ventilated stretch wrap - used for fumigations or to allow the contents on the pallet to breath.
Bundle wrap - is a short roll of film used to bundle or secure irregular shaped items such as timber or pipes together to make transport and storage easier. Also supplied are dispensers to hold the bundle wrap as well as hand pallet wrap.
Pallet Stabilisation Products
Goods to help stabillise your pallets include:

  • Angle Boards or pallet corners - used to protect the edges of your pallets/boxes from collapsing under the weight of other pallets
  • Grip Sheets - to assist in keeping the goods on the pallet and assisting against goods slipping
  • Pallet Shrink Bags - bags that go over a pallet that are then 'shrinked' with a hot air gun. Used as an alternative to pallet wrap
  • Top Sheets - to prevent damage from the elements such as rain during tranport or dust during transport
  • Builders Film

Pallet Wrappers and Pallet Wrapping Equipment

  • Excell Pallet Wrappers
  • Lantech Pallet Wrappers
  • Pallet Lift Elevators - used to help lift a pallet to enable easy loading and wrapping
  • Electric Turntable - to enable easy wrapping by hand
  • Pallet Strapping Machine and strap feeder


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