Glue Gun TEC 3400-43 Industrial High Output Electronically Controlled

Powerful Industrial hot glue gun with 3.5kg of glue/hr

Hot Glue Gun - Industrial Use 5-GLUEGTEC3400

This high output hot glue gun is electronically controlled using the patented ECOTEC technology to accurately control the temperature to ensure the adhesive is always dispensed at the right temperature to maximise consistency and quality bonding. The powerful 400 watt TEC 3400-43 uses 43mm Glue slugs with a melt rate of up to 3.5kg per hour with interchangeable temperature control modules from 130℃ - 215℃ to optimise the glue flow rate to suit the application and prevent burning of the selected adhesive. This Industrial hot glue gun has a eco friendly stand by mode for when the gun in not in use it will cool down to protect the gun and prevent the glue from burning or damaging the applicator, while having a fast recovery from standby. The 5-GLUEGTEC3400 weighs 1.15kg with a 3m power cord that plugs into a standard 10amp plug and doesn’t require a compressor to achieve its powerful output.

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These are the glues that work with this glue gun.

5-GLUE9010/43 43mm x 40mm Glue Slugs Fast Packing Glue
5-GLUE9040/43 43mm x 40mm Glue Slugs General Purpose
5-GLUE9060/43 43mm x 40mm Glue Slugs High Performance


 Operating Instructions

  TEC Glue Gun Industrial User Guide

 Parts Diagram

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Glue Gun TEC 3400-43 Industrial High Output Electronically Controlled

To maximize speed and consistency with up to 3.5kg of glue output per hour with this glue gun.


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