Glue Guns & Hot Melt Glue

Glue Guns are used to heat and dispense hot glue for the purpose of bonding two items together. Our range of Hot Melt Glue Guns allows you to choose a gun to suit you - whether you require spray applicators, gas powered glue guns, cordless, light industrial or even heavy industrial use, pneumatic powered or whether you're after a particular brand such as 3M or Reka. To assist you in determining what gun may suit you please refer to our article:
Glue Guns - How to Choose the right one for you.

We also supply a range of hot glues to suit each gun and all applications - from carton sealing applications, adhering wood or fabrics, adhering plastics, ceramics, leather and more. Go to the More Information Tab under Hot Glue to get the details on each type of glue supplied and for what purpose they suit.
First you choose the glue gun, work out what type of glue it requires - 12mm sticks, glue slugs or pellets, then go the the More Information Tab under Hot Glue to choose the right type of glue for your application that will fit your gun.


5-GLUEG3MLTS 3M Hot Melt Glue Gun Applicator

5-GLUEG3MLTS 3M Hot Melt Glue Gun Applicator


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